Grab a glaring mobile case at an alluring price

These days we just can't imagine our daily lives without a phone. From handling professional calls to keeping updates of day to day family matters, we become completely dependent on this electronic device. However as we all know that this device is very sensitive to any kind of outer terrestrial attack, protection of it is very crucial. And then the relevance of a mobile back cover comes front.




I am sure that you all know what a mobile back cover is and how it's very beneficial for the endurance of a mobile. In this regard, nowadays a lot of online and offline stores endow mobile covers. Especially, a lump sum number of online super stores pay attention to a diverse range of customised products, namely customised mobile cover, personalised coffee mugs, custom home decor items etc.


However, in this article, I will mainly discuss about a vibrant types of customized mobile covers. But before starting, let me disclose a print shop's name, which is a credible online super store of all types of personalised products. It is And you can easily access any kind of custom product at a handy price. So, come n let's have a quick look on its multifarious personalised phone cover store.


A quick list of popular brands

There are various popular brands. However among all maximum popularity for mi back covers exceeds others. There is near about 30 models of redmi including the latest launch, have been displayed by the site. These varieties of style are also followed by followed by Oppo, Vivo and One Plus. You can check the review status for better credibility. Apart from Vivo, Oppo and mi other ascending popular brands are as follows...


Samsung: Galaxy M 30s, Galaxy M 30, Galaxy A 90 etc.

Asus: Zenfone Max Pro M2, Zenfone Max Pro M1, Zenfone 4 Sefilite etc

Most detailed and vibrant list of all Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo (nearly for  30 different sets) set are provided by us. like

Xiaomi: Mi a3, Redmi note pro 8, Redmi 7 etc.

Oppo: Realme 5 Pro, Realme 3i, A7

Vivo: Y15, Y91, Y93 etc

One Plus:7T, 6T, 3T,5T, 2, 5, one plus 7.


Motorola: one power (P 30 note), moto G6 play etc

i-phone: iPhone XR, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 7 plus, personalised mobile back cover for iPhone 6 etc.



Personalising a phone case form Printland i.e how to?...

Personalisng a phone cover is a simple process indeed. You just have follow few steps, which are in the following.

  • At the very beginning go the section of mobile back cover printing.
  • Then match your mobile brand with the display wall. For instance, you have Redmi Note 8 Pro. So, you cross-check the availability of Red Minote 8 Pro mobileback cover.
  • Then you calculate the exact dimension of your phone and must match with the displayed mobile covers' dimension, else it will be a mess.
  • Go the attached editing wall and start customization.
  • Now, move to editing section and start the customisation process. You can choose any texture or colour from the tab or you can upload any image.
  • Then in the text option, you can type any name by selecting any font. Or you just skip this as this part is optional.
  • Finally, before placing the order, you must re-verify all the selected options.

In this way, the whole process is completed. It won't take more than five minutes. Along with this fact I must convey few benefits of any customized product.  

  • Firstly, It is customer friendly. No limitations on customer's choice is given. For instance, here in case of mobile, you can blend any style, any design you want. Thus very much consumer's satisfactory.
  • These products are very price effective. Even sometimes have a lower price than the normal one.
  • There is no additional charge for customising. All is there is the normal price of a mobile back cover, which starts from Rs. 299/- roughly.

So,  now I hope that at this point if you are still fretting about glam and suave mobile back covers, this article will definitely help you. Because according to my perception all the features you are looking for your mobile case can easily be finished by the process of customization. Hence, go through the site of Printland, while you are free and gain a bit more knowledge about the method. After all, I want that you are satisfied with the mobile case.